How To Use the Montreal Tool Kit

Section A: Tools for Advocating Change Page
1. Building the Case for Gender Equity
2. Understanding Gender Equity
3. Creating an Advocacy Strategy
4. Building Coalitions and Partnerships
5. Non-Sexist Sport Commentary for Media
6. Declarations and Resolutions
7. Approval of the Brighton Declaration

Section B: Tools for Changing Organisations, Systems and Structures
8. Commonwealth Games Federation: A Case Study in Organisational Change
9. Creating a National Gender Equity Policy
10. Strategic Framework and Plans
11. A Gender Equitable Sport Organisation
12. Terms of Reference for a Women and Sport Committee
13. Guidelines for Conference Organisers
14. Sample Harassment Policy
15. Designing a Program for Girls and Young Women
16. Financing New Initiatives for Girls and Women

Section C: Tools for Individual Development
17. Building a Case for Mentoring
18. Recruiting and Retaining Women in Coaching and Officiating

Section D: Tools for Action
19. 'Making a Change' Action Plan
20. Measuring Your Success

Section E: Resources
Useful Websites
Written Resources