Sport Canada

Sport Canada is a branch of the Department of Canadian Heritage. Its mission is "to enhance opportunities for all Canadians to participate and excel in sport." Sport Canada develops federal sport policy in Canada, provides funding programs in support of sport, and administers special projects related to sport.
There are three major sport funding programs that are run by Sport Canada: The Athlete Assistance Program, the Sport Support Program, and the Hosting Program. These programs ãprovide financial assistance to our high-performance athletes, advance the objectives of the Canadian Sport Policy, and help Canadian organizations host sport events that create opportunities for Canadians to compete at the national and international level.
Athlete Assistance Program: The Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) has a goal of providing funds to athletes throughout their training and preparations before and during National and International Games. Funding provided by the APP can be granted to Canadian athletes who meet the proper eligibility requirements. It is recommended for athletes who request the assistance of the AAP to live and train within the country, however, as long as the request is justified by the National Sport Organization, an exception may be granted for certain Canadian athletes to receive funding from the Athlete Assistance Program.
The Government of Canada, more specifically Sport Canada, invest funds and hard work into national level athletes and sporting events through the Sport Support Program (SSP). National Sport Organizations (NSOs), National Multisport Service Organizations (MSOs) and Canadian Sport Centres and Institutes are the three major Sport Organizations that receive help from Sport Canada in order to provide ña role in supporting amateur sport or in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for Canadians.
National Multisport Service Organizations (MSOs): MSOs are organizations that focus on coordination. They execute and convey amenities to the sport community in Canada. National Multisport Service Organizations provide learning opportunities for Canadian coaches, “support for Aboriginal peoples in sport and national coordination for the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG)”, they focus on promotion to increase Canadian participation in sport and much more. There are currently 24 MSOs that are granted funding from Sport Canada to date.