The upcoming IWG World Conference in Montreal will offer a unique opportunity for participants to share experiences, strengthen international connections and find ways to stimulate action at local, national and international levels. The Conference program has been designed to promote interaction, emphasize practical experience and explore ways to support positive change. This is not a scientific conference. The emphasis will be on sharing successful strategies and discussions with presenters and delegates in each of the workshop sessions.

Don't miss the opportunity to:

  • Celebrate the success and progress in the world of women and sport since 1998.
  • Share your experience and expertise with other delegates.
  • Learn about new initiatives and successful strategies from participants and presenters to apply to your own area of influence.
  • Interact with other leaders and advocates working throughout the world to facilitate sport opportunities for girls and women.
  • Benefit from lessons learned by others that can help you meet challenges in your organization or local context.
  • Create new partnerships with individuals and organizations and strengthen existing networks.
  • Be part of an ongoing tradition that supports the worldwide development of women and girls through sport.