Montreal has a wide range of activities to offer, such as sightseeing, shopping, visiting art galleries and experiencing the city's joie de vivre through its gastronomy and nightlife. To find out more about Montreal.

Temperatures in May average 19°C (66°F), but be aware that weather conditions can vary at this time of year. For further information, please consult meteo-ec-gc-ca.

Unless otherwise indicated, tips are not included in restaurant and café bills. Normal tipping practice is 15% of the before-tax total. Hairdresser and taxi driver tipping is at customers' discretion.

Most Canadian products and services are subject to 7% GST and a 7.5% Quebec Sales Tax. Tax refund forms for non-Canadian visitors will be available at the airport and at the Conference reception desk.

The standard power supply is 110 volts. Electrical appliances designed for a 220-volt power supply require the use of an adaptor.